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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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F Ane Maria Jensdatter

Birth: Data unknown.

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They were married on December 4, 1789 in Låsby Church, Denmark. They had the following children:

1)Ane Margarethe Sørensdatter, born 1790, died 1859

2)Christiane Dorthea Sørensdatter, born abt 1792, died 1874

3)Jørgen Sørensen, born 1794, died 1800

4)Hendrich Sørensen, born 1797, died 1800

5)Juliane Maria Ovidia Sørensdatter, born 1802, died 1802

6)Henriette Sørensdatter, born 1802, died 1859

7)Lovise Frederike Sørensdatter, born 1805

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Married in Låsby Church, Denmark