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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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M Thomas Matthisen

Birth: 1662 in Vigersted, Denmark

Death: February 28, 1726 in Stadil, Denmark

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F Maren Christensdatter

Birth: abt 1668

Death: May 3, 1726 in Stadil, Denmark

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They were married in 1697. They had the following children:

1)Peder Thomsen Reisig, born abt 1698, died 1762

2)Kirsten Thomasdatter Reisig, born abt 1700, died 1732

3)Magdalene Thomasdatter Reisig, born abt 1701, died 1728

4)Mathias Thomsen Reisig, born abt 1703

5)Anne Thomasdatter Reisig, born abt 1705, died 1745

6)Christen Thomsen Reisig, born abt 1708

7)Margrethe Thomasdatter Reisig, born abt 1710, died 1787

8)Christina Thomasdatter, born 1712, died 1788

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