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MJeppe Jensen Kristensen

Birth: August 11, 1887 in Bobøl, Føvling, Denmark

Death: March 19, 1973

Son of Jens Kristian Kristensen and Christine Margrete Elbæk Jessen

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Jeppe was an active man, even as an elderly man after he became a widower. In 1962, when he was 75 years old, he drove from Southern Jutland to Copenhagen on a moped to visit his daughters Kristine and Anna - meaning about 235km and then also 1½ hour by ferry from Funen to Zealand. However, he did have to take a break in Odense, where he took a nap at his niece Jenny.

Events for this individual


Born in Bobøl, Føvling, Denmark


Christened in Føvling Church, Føvling, Denmark


Confirmed in Føvling Church, Føvling, Denmark


Buried at Skt. Peders Cemetry, Holsted, Denmark


Died, 85 years old

Partners and children

Marine Kjestine Mathilde Høgh
Married 1913


Kristine Margrete Elbæk Christensen

Johannes Jensen Christensen

Anna Helene Christensen

Nissine Kristensen

Mathilde Kristensen

Jenny Christensen

Ejnar Kristensen