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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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FSara Larsdotter

Birth: May 14, 1808 in Stenlyckan, Morup, Halland, Sweden

Death: August 26, 1869 in Morup, Halland, Sweden

Daughter of Lars Larsson and Johanna Persdotter

Relation to me: 4x great-grandmother.

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Born in Stenlyckan, Morup, Halland, Sweden


Christened in Morup Church, Halland, Sweden


bibeleksamen (sverige)§ in Komleryd, Morup, Halland, Sweden


Died in Morup, Halland, Sweden, 61 years old

Partners and children

Lars Nilsson Udd
Married 1827


Annilla Larsdotter

Lars Larsson

Johan Aron Larsson

Dødfødt Larsson

Johanna Beata Larsdotter

Lena Sophia Larsdotter

Anna Johanna Larsdotter

Anna Johanna Larsdotter

Karl Johan Larsson

Brita Lovisa Larsdotter