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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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FAnna Andersdotter

Birth: December 21, 1795 in Pensala, Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Death: May 24, 1866 in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Daughter of Anders Mattsson and Anna Johansdotter

Relation to me: 4x great-grandmother.

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Born in Pensala, Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Christened in Munsala Church, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Died in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland, 70 years old


Buried at Munsala Cemetry, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Partners and children

Jacob Carlsson
Married 1816


Brita Jacobsdotter

Anders Jacobsson

Johan Jakobsson

Jakob Jakobsson

Anna Jakobsdotter

Cajsa Jakobsdotter

Carl Jakobsson