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MRudolf Lambert Söderlund

Birth: September 29, 1886 in Kontiolahti, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland

Death: March 22, 1964 in Tofino, BC, Canada

Son of Jacob Andersson Söderlund and Maria Sofia Wikstedt

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In 1906 Rudolf emigrated to Canada. It was a long journey, which began in Aarhus in Denmark, where Rudolf lived back then. Next stop was Copenhagen, from where he sailed on 8 March and arrived at Ellis Island in the USA on 21 March. The trip directly from Copenhagen to New York normally lasted 10 days but this ship picked up passengers in Oslo and Kristiansand in Norway on the way, so therefore it took a few extra days. From Ellis Island Rudolf went on to Montreal in Canada, where he met his friend Robert Jĝrgensen, who lived in Montreal.

Rudolf travelled aboard the ship Oscar II, which was part of the Scandinavian American Line. The ship had room for a total of 1190 passengers, 150 on first class, 140 on second class and 900 on third class. Rudolph travelled on third class for which the ticket price back then was about 80-100 DKK, which corresponds to 4-6000 DKK in present value terms. It was actually cheap, primarily due to the competition being harsh back then, but also because the ship Oscar II was not a luxury ship, but only a ship of average standard, even when it came to the conditions on first class. Rudolf had paid the ticket for the whole journey from Copenhagen to Montreal in Canada before he left Denmark.

When he arrived at Ellis Island, he was like all other immigrants to answer a lot of questions and be assessed medically before he was allowed to travel on. He was also registered in 1918 as a recruit for the Canadian army, and publication of all information from these two records means that we can give a pretty good description of Rudolf. He was generally in good health and had no physical disabilities. He had brown hair and brown eyes, and his skin was slightly ruddy. He was 174 cm tall, so after contemporary Danish standard, he was a short man. He measured 93 cm around the chest, which seems quite average.

Montreal is located in the region of Quebec, where the main language is French, but whether Rudolph came to learn some French words, while he lived there is uncertain, because he did not stay there for long. He quickly moved further inland to the town of Kenora in Ontario, where he lived until April 1907. Then he he went back to the USA, to the city Albee in South Dakota, where he met with his friend Waldemar Johansen. Rudolf Did not stay in the USA though, because in 1918 he lived in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. Later he moved further north to Tofino, also on Vancouver Island, where he died.

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Born in Kontiolahti, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland


Confirmed in Skt. Knuds Church, Odense, Denmark


Died in Tofino, BC, Canada, 77 years old