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Parents and many descendants have been added

Information from a distant relative has resulted in me finding a lot of new details about my 5 x great grandfather Søren Christensen Vestergaard. He was a tenant farmer at the farm Gunildshøj in Them parish from around the turn of the century (at the latest) until his death in 1834.

His widow Kirsten Christensdatter stayed on the farm until her death in 1845. By then their son Jens Sørensen had taken over the tenant contract. Søren and Kirsten had 7 children of which 2 died before they reached adulthood. The family tree now has descendants of 4 of their children. So far it has not been possible to find any further information about the last child, their son Christen Sørensen.

Besides from descendants, both Søren's and Kirsten's parents and siblings have been added. Any additional details will be greatly appreciated.

If you are wondering why the surname of Søren's and Kirsten's children is not the same as that of either Søren or Kirsten, then I suggest you read my article about Danish naming traditions. That article also explains the reason for the "datter"-ending of Kirsten's surname and the reason for the extensive use of nicknames in Denmark in the 1800s.

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