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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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M Anders Jacobsen Wandt

Birth: December 6, 1779 in Revsų Skovhus, Sommersted, Denmark

Death: June 24, 1864 in Revsų Skovhus, Sommersted, Denmark

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F Kirsten Hansdatter

Birth: May 22, 1787 in Kolstrup, Stepping, Denmark

Death: February 7, 1846 in Revsų Skovhus, Sommersted, Denmark

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They were married on October 5, 1811 in Sommersted Church, Denmark. They had the following children:

1)Jakob Wandt, born 1812, died 1880

2)Hans Christian Wandt, born 1813

3)Anna Marie Wandt, born 1815, died 1815

4)Peter Wandt, born 1816

5)Anna Maria Wandt, born 1819, died 1858

6)Mette Christine Wandt, born 1821, died 1902

7)Christian Wandt, born 1823

8)Erik Wandt, born 1825, died 1825

9)Anna Cathrina Wandt, born 1826, died 1888

10)Inger Kirstine Wandt, born 1830

Family events


Married in Sommersted Church, Denmark


Counted in a census in Sommersted, Denmark