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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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M Niels Nielsen

Birth: abt 1777

Death: October 12, 1811 in Voldby, Denmark

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F Kirsten Marie Madsdatter

Birth: abt 1783

Death: March 16, 1832 in Voldby, Denmark

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They were married on September 29, 1805 in Voldby Church, Denmark. They had the following children:

1)Mariane Nielsdatter, born 1806

2)Niels Nielsen, born 1807, died 1808

3)Anne Nielsdatter, born 1809, died 1810

4)Niels Nielsen, born 1810

5)Anne Nielsdatter, born 1811, died 1891

Family events


Married in Voldby Church, Denmark