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FJenny Kristine Juhl

Birth: September 5, 1921 in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark

Death: February 11, 2008 in Odense, Denmark

Daughter of Niels Hansen Sørensen Juhl and Gunder Margrethe Elbæk Kristensen

Relation to me: Grandmother.

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The family lived in Nørre Holsted until Jenny was about 12 years old, but the school was in Holsted town itself, so she had about an hour by foot to school. Jenny has told me that when it was snowing, the snow would gather and stick to her clogs, so they felt like telephone poles underneath her feet, and then it took even longer to walk to and from school.

At some point during her school days, she had to pick up some milk for an elderly lady in the neighborhood. That was done in Jenny's lunch break. First she had to pick up the money and a bucket at the lady's, then pick up the milk at another farm and bring it to the lady, and finally hurry back to school. She didn't remember if she even had time to eat her lunch, but she at least managed to pick up the milk. She also told me that some days it took longer, because at that time female pupils had to stop and make a curtsy to all teachers they met.

Her parents were not exactly wealthy, so they couldn't afford a lot of new clothes. Therefore they borrowed a dress from one of Jenny's cousins for Jenny to wear at her confirmation. It was white, and she also wore a green hat with three flowers in it. In Denmark the day after the confirmation is also used to celebrate. That day Jenny did indeed wear as special dress, because the family had been given the fabric by an aunt and the dress was made by a real seamstress.

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Born in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark


Christened in Holsted Church, Holsted, Denmark


Counted in a census in Holsted, Denmark


Counted in a census in Holsted, Denmark




Died in Odense, Denmark, from cancer, 86 years old


Buried at Assistens Cemetry, Odense, Denmark

Partners and children

Helge Løve Hansen


Birte Margrethe Juhl Hansen

Tove Juhl Hansen

Margit Juhl Hansen

Britta Juhl Hansen

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