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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MPeter Nissen Juhl

Birth: December 22, 1869 in Hyrup Mark, Bevtoft, Denmark

Death: 1967 in MI, USA

Son of Peder Jensen Juhl and Hanna Kirstina Petersen Licht

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Peter travelled to Niles in Michigan, USA, at the end of November 1887. He travelled alone, but his closest relatives followed him over the years to come.

The spelling of names was often changed after emigration, and that also happned to Peter's name. Thus he was known as Peter N. Yuhl in the USA.

Events for this individual


Born in Hyrup Mark, Bevtoft, Denmark


Christened in Bevtoft Church, Denmark


Confirmed in Bevtoft Church, Denmark


Buried at Lester Cemetery, Algansee, Branch, MI, USA


Died in MI, USA

Partners and children

Ella M. Bennet
Married 1898