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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MMaximilian Kottal

Birth: April 20, 1877 in Prášily, the Czech Republic

Death: August 6, 1944 in Dalum, Odense, Denmark

Son of Jan Nepoz Kotal and Maria Weber

Relation to me: Great-grandfather.

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Maximilian is said to have had a sister, who lived in Vienna and had two children, and a brother, who was married and lived in Munich during WWII. This brother's house was appearently bombed, and Maximilian never heard from him since. Furthermore, Maximilian presumably had a nephew named Herbert. That is all the known information about Maximilian's closest relatives.

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Born in Prášily, the Czech Republic


Christened in Prášily, the Czech Republic


Counted in a census in Odense, Denmark


Died in Dalum, Odense, Denmark, 67 years old


Buried at Dalum Cemetry, Odense, Denmark

Partners and children

Anna Maria Söderlund
Married 1903


Ingeborg Marie Söderlund Kottal

Rudolf Kottal

Otto Kottal

Erik Kottal

Erna Anna Kottal

Egon Kottal

Else Irma Kottal

Maximilian Kottal

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